Teaching innovative value systems in a dialogue between companies and apprentices has been becoming more and more important. Measures for quality assurance in professional education must, therefore, be linked at the company level, the national, and the European level with the appropriate instruments of value management.

The partners in the project ProEthics, coordinated by BBS GmbH, developed an innovative tool set using the existing products of the Leonardo da Vinci programme and test and transfer this set with the help of managers, customers, institutions, and teaching staff working in professional education. On that foundation, a consultation process with educational institutions, companies, labour unions, education experts was initiated that fostered the transfer of the ProEthics instruments into the national education systems.

Teaching values as future task

Since a few years BBS supports companies with the development of a general and mission statement. This within the activities as member of ‚Netzwerk Westmünsterland’ and in close cooperation with the association of professional enterprises in the Westmünsterland „Aktive Unternehmen im Westmünsterland“ (aiw) and other regional partners. Especially small and medium-sized companies see a future task to familiarize their trainees and young management with the company culture and underlying values. As a modern service institution BBS offers support in achieving this goal.

First meeting of German steering group

ProEthics Project-Partner

The German project-coordination-staff is employed with BBS. The other German project staff belongs to the Department of Philosophy of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster institute; works as associate professor at the institute of deaconical management at the churchly university of Wuppertal/Bethel; representatives of Qualifizierungs- und Technologieforum e. V. These partners all have a seat in the steering group, whose meetings the director of the AiW will attend from time to time upon request. The European partners are from Ireland (Ballymun Job Centre), Finland (Turun Ammatti-Instituutti -Turku Vocational Institute), Spain (Fundacion Tomillo) und Hungary (Heves Megyei Kereskedelmi es Iparkamara- the local chamber of commerce).

Transnational activities

Transnational Meeting

Ethics and value management is not only ‚romanticism for managers’, but of general interest for the educational sector, that was common consensus after the first transnational meeting. These transnational meetings will take place on a regular basis in order to further and monitor the process of common development of European instruments. The first meeting took place at the end of November 2009. The transnational partnership collaborated till September 2011.

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